Group by 'Account Owner' in Cockpit

  • 17 June 2015
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Our CSM team has weekly  calls with the Account Executives to go over status and priority of items in the Cockpit. It would really help to be able to 'Group By' an 'Account Owner' option. When will this be available? We are working around this by using filters, but having to recreate the filter each time you talk to an Account Owner is not ideal. Thanks!

7 replies

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I've had a similar need to group by Assignee. Daria, would grouping by Assignee work for you? Or does it specifically need to be Account Owner / CSM?
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Hi Julia - We really need to group by Account Owner. Thank you for your consideration!
Hi Julia, Thank you for your feedback. Engineering team will review and get back to you on this.
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Has there been any update on being able to group or sort by Account Owner in the Cockpit? Customer Success has weekly meetings with Account Owners and this would be helpful in terms of isolating CTA's specific to that Account Owner. 
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@krishna any update on this action? would love this ability. 
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Would like to have specific "Groups" under the Owner filter, as well
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You can add the account owner (or any custom field) to the list view fields in cockpit & use them in Group By.