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Getting data from Domo to Gainsight

  • 4 June 2020
  • 3 replies

Is there any way to get data from Domo to Gainsight?



3 replies

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@jigar.vyas We currently don’t have a productized connector for Domo. The recommendation here would be to export to CSV and use our S3 connector. Could you share some use cases for the Domo to Gainsight to help us prioritize?

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@jigar.vyas We are currently using the process @kunal_bhat recommended.  We use it to export our support ticket data and our product usage data.  Basically, any system that doesn’t connect directly to GS, but we can connect to Domo, we use the S3 as the go-between.

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@jigar.vyas, you will want to  ingest the data directly into a Gainsight MDA table as @heather_hansen and @kunal_bhat have suggested. Once you have an CSV exporting from Domo, you can load it to the S3 bucket and then ingest it using the S3 Connector or Rules Engine:

Pro tip: I would recommend using the Rules Engine over the Connector as it is more robust and provides better error logs. It can be much easier to troubleshoot data issues if you think there will be problems in your data. The Rules Engine can run up to every 2 hours and Connectors can run every hour which can also impact which solution is best for you. 


Alternatively, you can connect Domo to SFDC and then connect to Gainsight. There’s a Domo to SFDC connector that you could use for this. Once the data is in SFDC, you can use the SFDC to Gainsight connector or the Rules Engine. This is a good method if you want to share the data in Salesforce as well or if you are not easily able to automate a Domo export to CSV on the S3 bucket.