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Gainsight Vault for Reports

  • 12 February 2016
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I love the Gainsight Vault for Playbooks and Surveys! It would be great to also get something for Reports. Many of the posts in the Community are around how to create certain reports. I know everyone's setups are different, and what we want to report on will be different, but I think there is a lot of overlap that would be great to have in a vault.

A great example is the reports you go over during Gainsight on Gainsight webinars. Instead of having to reference slides from a slidedeck after the webinar, it would be great to be able to go to a vault and download the report and configure as necessary.

2 replies

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+1 That is a fantastic idea. You could even populate them based on common report questions in the community. That way when someone writes here, or into support, it is easy to refer to the vault report.
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Hi Lane & Matt,  +1. That is a fantastic idea!  With our February Release next week, we're adding Vault for Email Templates which will let you download/import CoPilot 1-to-many outreach emails. And the goal of our Gainsight product/engineering team is to absolutely offer Vault for Reports as well as Vault for Rules Engine.  Although I haven't heard a specific date, this was a topic on our Product Roadmap webinar last week so please stay tuned!  And please keep the awesome ideas coming...