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Gainsight placing CSMs in bounce list for emails sent from JO

  • 15 July 2021
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Hi Team,


Posting this request on behalf of customer.


Gainsight fails to send email to any recipient if a user that is CC’d on the email is on the Gainsight bounce list. For example, if a CSM is on the “Email Copy to:” in Journey Orchestrator on an email sent to several customers, and the CSM is on the bounce list, the email is not sent to any of the customers. The correct/expected behavior is that email should be delivered to all customer recipients regardless that someone in the “Email Copy to:” is on the Gainsight bounce list. The entire program should not fail.


It would be great if CSMs are not placed in bounce list since it is intended that CSM should be aware of the communications with their customers.




2 replies

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FYI: @chethana 

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@jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri  I agree , i will check this and if any fix needed for this we will plan for it.