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Gainsight Lightweight Widget

  • 21 September 2016
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Hi All,

We are thinking of building a light weight version of Gainsight widget aimed at customers who are already users of Gainsight but want to expand the usage of Gainsight across their organisation to other teams.

The use cases for the widget are currently optimised for the sales teams but could potentially expand in the future. 

We have shortlisted some of the existing components of Gainsight which we believe would be helpful across other teams like Summary,Scorecard,Features and some form of cross customer reporting to help sales users in their prospect targeting.

a. What do you think of the above idea?
b. What are the components of Gainsight you think other teams could benefit from?

Also , we are looking at different approaches to distribute this light weight widget (private app,public app).

Please comment below on your thoughts and we can do a deep dive on this idea. This will help us in making sure what we are planning to build would help your organisation needs.

Abhishek S

8 replies

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Is this the feature previously discussed in roadmap sessions that is intended to provide Gainsight visibility to internal users who don't have login access to Gainsight?
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We have the Limited License user who has access to GS account widget currently where we provide a lot of functionality similar to CS360.

This idea is about a alternative lightweight widget on the account/opportunity page with bare minimum but useful features of Gainsight which could help expand GS usage across the organization to other teams.
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Thanks for the clarification.
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This would be a great add for us as we have a large organization and various departments and executive leaders would benefit from a quick snapshot of what the CSM team is doing with the accounts. Including a Success Plan Summary w/ description and objective subjects would help provide visibility on what key business objectives the customer is focusing on. 

The scorecard would be a big win as well but would like the ability to select which scores are visible.

In terms of the features, we would love to have the features and feature comments included as we are using that to provide a quick snapshot of usage. 
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Like the idea, but for us it would be critical that this is available at the Relationship level.   I am having hard time to distribute status of R360 to other stakeholders without Gainsight access. 
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Yes, Jeff.  For sure.  Relationships is a must for this effort.  In addition, we have an open item to add Relationship info to our standard account widget. 
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Would like to do this for Channel partners - running the gamut from resellers to VAR's and System Integrators. This is huge for a channel centric business with more business come in from that direction.

Success plans are a bigger win in this context for 3 reasons:

 - Advance visibility into channel performance rather than lagging indicators like churn
 - Less reliance on certification to define our process and performance. It's unenforceable.
 - On a related note, certification is not only lagging and unenforceable, it's expensive to maintain/change as the business changes. New onboarding/new product/new sales strategy? Here's the success plan. Taking the burden off of Channel Enablement would be huge.

At a high level, we want visibility into what is happening in regards to lifecycle and business outcomes.

Usage data, score cards, features would be more nice to haves in this context.

For folks in our partner ecosystem, the folks that sell products that work on our platform, scorecards, scores, adoption data, etc would be very valuable, but also at an aggregate level. So, reports/dashboarding I think would be a big win - sounds like a different ask but throwing it out there.
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Abhishek, SPS Commerce is interested in finding out if this is still in the works and an ETA. Can you provide an update?