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Gainsight Connect import options

  • 16 November 2017
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I'd love to see something like an "Import All" option.  If this sounds like a server drain, maybe have it accessible when a new mapping is added to the job.  Case in point:
  • Customer started the GS Connect
  • Time goes on, then they decide "hey we actually need this field in the data set"
  • Update mapping
  • Click Import Now, but not all records get updated
  • Try to remember what date they started the imports on, so they can bring in accounts
  • (At this point, it now requires too much thought and isn't an ease of use tool)

1 reply

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Hi Christopher,

Very valid. now that we are enabling GS Connect by default to everyone from the next release, we 
will plan to add this as well

Thanks and Regards,