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Gainsight Connect Global Schedule

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As we use Gainsight Connect more and more, I think it would improve the admin experience to have a global schedule as opposed to having the schedules need to be created individually.  Is this something that has been considered or is there a technical reason to have them only available to schedule individually?

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Hi Scott,

A global schedule will result in all the objects being imported irrespective of the customer needs

Example: Not all customers have relationships feature enabled they would not need to import relationship and relationship type object, but having a global schedule will trigger import data every time which is an overkill

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Hi Lakshmi,

I'll let Scott speak for himself, but the reason I voted for this idea is that I pictured this global schedule being configurable by the customer. So it wouldn't automatically mean all customers have features imported for example unless they turned on a global schedule. Make sense?
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I was on the same page as Spencer here.  If I only want Picklist, Company and Customer to be imported, I'd like to be able to choose that.  Thanks for adding the additional details, Spencer.