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Gainisight Assist tagging email from Outlook Sent Folder

  • 19 November 2021
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There are times a CSM forgets to send to timeline or wants to get an older email from the Outlook Sent folder into Timeline. 

My request is to make two enhancements: 1) On Sent emails to make GS Assist recognize the email address of who the email was sent to for easy add to Timeline. 2) On Sent emails to make the Company Search provide the same datapoints in GS Assist as you have set up in the Company Search in Gainsight. We often have many accounts with the same Company name but are at different addresses. Therefore in Gainsight Company Search (in C360) I have added extra fields as shown below to help CSMs find the correct account.

But in Gainsight Assist I can only see Cox Communications therefore I don’t know which account to pick.

Developers can view the recording assigned to Support Ticket #165555 to review our call with Customer Support on this issue. 

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