Friendly End-User Data-loader for NXT Cockpit & Success Plan

  • 3 August 2020
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Post on behalf of a Customer.


It is found that after creating a CTA or Success Plan via a rule. If you wanted to edit the Custom Fields in bulk, you won’t be able to do so via a rule. In cases where bulk update is needed after creation of custom fields or changes in business logic, having a end user facing dataloader would help or being able to update custom fields in rules for NXT.


There is the cockpit API, but it would look to need help from a developer if end user is not versed in using it.

5 replies

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This is especially challenging in NXT because:

  • The Mass Edit tool is still very limited compared to the SFDC edition
  • We don’t have the option to use data loader like we can for SFDC

The good news is that we are continuing to see a ton of value from using CTAs and Success Plans to track key processes. Because of that, Admins would benefit from having more flexibility and options for updating fields on these objects. In an update I’m working on now, the ability to edit both standard and custom fields on the CTA object would save me a full working day. 


Thanks for adding this as an idea!


+1 a data loader would be a game changer 

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@kevin_ly @jpmehlhaff @KBRB Do you have the necessity to update the custom field regularly via a rule or would an enhancement to support mass edit tool work?

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@sriram pasupathi I think an enhancement to the mass edit tool centered around standard fields would be beneficial (maybe solve 60% of the issue), but the ability to edit custom fields will address the additional 40%. The more engrained CTAs/Success plans become, the more we utilize custom fields. Also, as an admin, the flexibility goes a long way since the way that we use the features continues to evolve.

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Thank you for the feedback @jpmehlhaff. We will notify you when we work on the mass edit and rules engine CTA update enhancements.