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Formulas in REports 2.0

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I need to build some formula fields in a report like we do for salesforce but unable to find this function in report 2.0.  Do i have to used a custom field on the object to do this?  Basically working on replacing some excel pivot table reports and want to expose them in Gainsight Dashboards for exectutives.

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How does this still not exist?!

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Excited for this. Hope it's coming in the next release? Quite time intensive and complicated to have to use rules engine and mda to calculate date dif for example. It is also restrictive for anyone that is not an admin and wants to use simple formulas

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still not easy to do formulas in reports - one example earlier in this thread is response rates - i can get total sent and total responded but since responded is looking at count of response dates - and then show by month, but then it wants to sum up the value and not actually have a %.