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Font in Reports of Success Snapshot 2.0

  • 22 February 2021
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Hi Team,


As of now we can customise the fonts and its size of Names and Tokens and in new report revamp we can do the same in Chart reports but we cannot do the same in Tabular reports. So can we please include this in future roadmap where users can change the size and fonts of text in reports of Success Snapshot 2.0. Since few customers are feeling that few reports are concise and not as per their desired representation.




5 replies

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@prathap Its a valid ask! I too agree with you. I am redirecting this to the product team for more visibility. 

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@prathap bumping this to the top for more visibility and up-votes.

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@rahul_prayakarao could you please prioritize this? Can we expect this in the December release??

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@sai_ram you can currently change the font and font size of any token or text right now. But there is a limitation on the number of fonts that we support right now.

As part of moving Success Snapshot to new horizon designs we are also planning to introduce new fonts or provide the capability for our users to add their own fonts. You can expect this in the first half of next year.

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@rahul_prayakarao the font size for tokens are also not working as expected always.