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Filter rules by Execution Status

  • 22 August 2018
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Hi guys,

Would be great if we had the ability to filter the Rules by Execution Status.
We have around 500 rules and a Filter with all failed rules would save time to prioritize to solve..

I know that an easy way to have this list of fails is registering my email to receive the alerts.
But as we have much partial success because of the the fail alert start to be a Spamming. 


3 replies

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Hi Olavo,

Introducing four new options to filter rules. 

Created Date
Last Updated Date
Execution Type
Rule Chain

Please refer the release notes for more information. 

Thanks for posting!​
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Hi Sai Ram,

These options are good.
But great would be also filter by the Failed ones.

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Hi Olavo, sure thing, will discuss with product team and update here.