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Filter one field against another field in Reports 2.0

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Ability to add filter for any report that can be compared to another field. For example we could compare CSM's Team against Customer's Team. The way I'm thinking about it I believe this could simply allow us to filter out customers from same team current CSM belongs to. 

CSM's can see each others customers, but only within the same team. They will not see customers of CSM's from other teams.

Example report parameters:
Source: MDA table
Show: Sum of Volume
By: SendDate (summarize by week), Customer Name
Filter: Current User's Team equals Customer's Team
Filter: SendDate equals Current and Previous Quarter

So with the ability to compare 2 fields in Reports 2.0 we could have less reports that would work dynamically and be applicable to all CSM teams. All we would have to do is add CSM and Customer team information to SFDC and GS which is not a problem.

Lot of data for us lives in MDA tables, like historical traffic/usage records hence this feature should works with both SFDC and MDA objects.

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You will need the ability for these lookup fields to be a lookup field in the MDA as well otherwise you will most likely not have much luck creating action items if you wanted to but to display data that works unless you are trying to use something like Filter: Current User = CSM on Account something like that because the current user application is not available in MDA. 
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True, I guess either we'll use lookup fields or simply populate those fields through Rules Engine then compare those 2 fields in the same MDA table. 

Regarding the second part, "Filter: Current User = CSM on Account something like that because the current user application is not available in MDA. "

I hope this request will give us that ability.
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Yes that should do it. 
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We are currently working on providing reporting that join data across objects that lookup to each other, esp for SFDC data. This is a top request. Once we do this, I believe the value of your request will be much greater. Without this 2 fields being compared I think will need to be on same object (or account / customer info). This is not in short-term roadmap and look forward to seeing how many more customers comments / upvote on this to. 
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Even if 2 fields that will be compared against each other MUST be in the same MDA object - that would work for us. We can easily create 1 or 2 additional rules that will populate some MDA object with needed fields, then compare them in Reporting.
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An additional use case for field vs field filters on reports is to view data where an Opportunity Created Date > CSM Start Date.

In general any field type comparison to another would be very useful.
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Plus one for this! To help evaluate impact, we want to be able to build a report to look at opportunities that were created around a time a Business Review was conducted with the customer. In short, the Opportunity Created Date with 3 months of the Business Review date.