Filter for rules used in rule chains

  • 10 June 2016
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We have several rules that we've had to duplicate 15 times in order to run them for each of our relationships.  We've tried to tidy things up by putting those groups in rule chains, but they still all show in the main rule list.  It would be really nice to have a filter to be able to hide any rules that have been added to rule chains from the main rule list. 

6 replies

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Thanks for sharing this idea! 
I have added this to our backlog.
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It would be great to have an indicator in the Rules list to easily identify rules that are being used in a rule change.  Just a little chain link next to them or something would be great.  Since the rules aren't scheduled individually, there is nothing indicating the rule is being run.
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Svoss - You would have the rule chain name show up in the listing screen along with rule name. Let me know if that helps or not?
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It's perfect, I noticed it the other day.  Thanks!
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Just want to add to the original idea, which I'm still hoping is on the backlog somewhere (and yes, adding the rule chain name to the list was a great interim solution):

First, being able to filter by a rule chain (like filtering Rules for source object, action type, etc.) would still be a great, handy addition to the current filtering options. That's why I'm bumping this idea along here.

My additional ask is, when filtering by a chain name, display the rules in the order they are chained, rather than alphabetical order.  It would allow me to move into and back out of rules in the chain, in order, if I'm having to update something throughout the chain process.  Because we retain filtering when returning to the rules listing (also a great feature), it would keep my list intact.

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Sure thing.. Display order by the way how they are chained is definitely interesting. I'll let you know