Feedback. Multi-Currency Implementation to Usage.

  • 15 March 2021
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My company recently moved to GainsightNXT and I couldn’t be happier!  One thing that peaked my interest is the Multi-Currency feature that NXT supports!  With recent acquisition, our currency expands past the USD.

I’m curious to get feedback in two areas:

  1. How do you like it?
  2. How do you handle the Conversion Rate area?
    • Do you review/update every so often?
    • Do you use an API to update it?

Thank you all advance for your feedback!

2 replies

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@sagan_sherlin Welcome to GainsightNXT!!!

Please don’t get worry on this, our team will definitely suggest some alternative/workaround. Sharing this with the team.

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Hi @sagan_sherlin 


Regarding point 2,

  1. We have automated the process to update the conversion rates. You can set a schedule to pick the conversion rates from salesforce and update in Gainsight. Once a schedule is set, you would not need to revisit the currency management page again.
  2. We do not have the capability to export the conversion rates from a third party right now. We have it in our roadmap. Will keep you posted on the timelines

Hope this helps

Thank you