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Feed external content to email templates

  • 25 June 2020
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we are interested in having an external content feed into email templates.

Here is the use case:

In a tech touch journey customers getting automated emails with different preset content. In order to update them also on e.g. events, webinars, which will obviously change based on time it would be of great advantage of having a feed that is coming from e.g. the CMS system instead of manually updating the content all the time.


Anny suggestions for a workaround are also appreciated.






4 replies

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This is an interesting idea. I wonder if you could use token values and have them populated from data on a custom object, potentially fed from an external source. If the content is more elaborate that text (e.g. an image) then that wouldn’t work.

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@john_apple , yes we are looking into this option too. As you said it will be limited

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@swen What kind of content would it be? just text or would it have images, reports, etc. in it

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@nitisha_rathi Both Text (inkl URL) and images to start with