[Feature Request] Allow reporting on Timeline Attachments

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Posting on Behalf of a customer.

Its found that given a timeline post with an attachment. User is not able to later make a report on those attachments via GS Report Builder on "Activity Timeline" MDA Object.

Please make that available for use.

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Hi Kevin,

Can you please share few sample reports.
Few reports which I can think of are:
1. Show me all activities which have attachments
2. Show me all activities having attachments of format = PDF
3. Show me all activities where attachment name contains 'EBR'

Would you also like to report on attachments data?

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Hello Nitisha,

I would believe more use would come to " 1. Show me all activities which have attachments" where the attachment is also clickable if put into a dashboard report.

I could see some use in attachments data, for example, given a common attachment shared with the time, it would be nice to see how often its being used under what timeline subject. This would related to your "Show me all activities where attachment name contains 'EBR'"


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I have a customer who would like this feature as well.  They are trying to do two things with attachments on Timeline:
1. Build a report that shows if a Timeline Activity has an attachment (Ideally they would like to link to the attachment for viewing)
2. They would like to export the data from Timeline Entries to a Confluence Page and would like to include the attachments in that page.  

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Any update on this request?

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+1 on this request

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HI - 


Are there any updates to this request? 

We have the exact scenario where we need to filter for EBR’s where an EBR has been attached. 


What are others utilizing for document storage for their teams with conjunction with Gainsight? 


CC: @alanclos 

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This is planned for Q3 but we will try to pick it up after it.

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Adding one to this :) Just ran in to this issue.

+1 facing the same issue as mentioned above.

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Another +1 with a request here. :)  Ideally, would like to display attachment (yes/no) in the drilldowns of a “Count of <type> Activities> report.

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We don’t have an immediate plan to support this as team is currently working on other high priority items but, this has been added to the long term roadmap.