Exporting data out of Gainsight

  • 29 September 2020
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+1 for PowerBI!
+1 for Snowflake!

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BIG +1 from us on SNOWFLAKE & DOMO please!!! This would be a HUGE win for our data model :)

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YES! Being able to export data out of Gainsight into S3/Redshift would allows us to broadcast Gainsight metrics and other reports to other systems while ensuring a single source of truth of the business logic and avoid inconsistencies across reporting platforms, i.e. recalculating scores in Looker or Power BI. Also would help to provide transparency to our parent company.


+1 for Redshift!

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I would ask to open up the Gainsight API for all MDA type objects and fields. Do not limit API sourcing only for system objects custom fields or custom objects and its fields. If API is readable, any BI  warehouses could interface and connect the data/data model of Gainsight.

+1 for an API

+1 for Snowflake
+1 for Tableau