Export Option on NPS 2.0

  • 24 March 2021
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Our Marketing team loves the NPS 2.0 tab, and it would really great if there were some export options on that tab.  For example, my Customer Advocacy Manager adjusted the filters to display the results she wanted, and then, would have loved to be able to export the list of responses into a CSV file.  I know you can rebuild the reports in Report Builder, but for someone who doesn’t need to build reports at all or know how to navigate report builder, adding an export option on the tab itself would be a quick way to get the info without having to reach out to me for a report.

2 replies

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@heather_hansen valid ask, redirecting this to the product team for more visibility


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Hi @heather_hansen, thank you for your feedback. Ability to export in various formats like PDF and CSV is on our roadmap. We encourage others to upvote this idea so that we could prioritize accordingly.