Export Gantt chart to JPG / PNG / PDF

  • 12 July 2019
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Request to be able to export Success Plan Gantt chart into a local file to be used elsewhere. Similar to People Maps export

5 replies

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for sharing this. Would the main use-case be using it in a PPT or something else? Also would a screenshot not work in this case?

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Screenshots are not always clear. Exportability preferred.

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True, makes sense Jeff. Quick follow-up on this, what all palces would you want to use these images in ? PPT's are definitely one place - just wanted to understand if we allow a direct image export would the dimensions be an issue ? (You might have a very wide / long image based on the size of the success plan - and might not fit into a PPT)

We need this too!

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Hi, What’s the status of this request?