Evaluating Google Slides for Success Snapshots!

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Hi All,

Hope everyone is staying safe!

We are in a process of evaluating the requirement of introducing the ability to configure Google Slides in the Success Snapshot 2.0. This will be in addition to the existing ability to configure Microsoft Presentations.

We would like to know

  • If your organization is currently not using Success Snapshots - would you think this new ability to directly configure the Google Slides encourage you to start using them? 

  • If your organization is already using Success Snapshots, we would still like to hear if this implementation will help you better adopt Success Snapshots.

If you would like to know more about Success Snapshot 2.0 and what use cases it covers, please refer to this document.


We appreciate any feedback in this regard.


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Success Snapshots for easy meeting preparation was one of the key differentiators why we decided to go with Gainsight early this year. Although we have Office 365 licenses and PowerPoint would work for us (and we'll probably completely migrate to Office on the longer term due our acquisition by Software AG), we are pretty much standardized on Google Slides right now. We're still in Onboarding and Success Snapshots has not been set up yet, but the ability to configure Google Slides would definitely be useful for us at the moment.


Great to see this is being considered! We have not used the Success Snapshots yet because of this limitation. Our organization only uses Slides internally and our CSMs would be more likely to send a .pdf version of a deck to a customer who doesn’t use Google than a .pptx copy.

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We have only tested success snapshots, and found it was cumbersome to download and have to re-upload the file to google sheets. So this would definitely help with that.

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Our org does not use Success Snapshots currently. If this feature was introduced I think there would most definitely be interest in further exploration of them!

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I just launched our first stab at using Success Snapshots 2.0, it’s super powerful and saves my team a ton of time! I’m not sure if we’d benefit from google slides, but I would certainly love some improvements to Snapshots overall like:

  • Being able to edit the formatting of the slide-deck in Gainsight (vs edit externally, upload, see if that worked)
  • Being able to add text boxes in case you forgot something in the first point
  • More customization options in terms of fonts, colors, placement etc
  • Being able to attach the snapshot to an automated email or email assist (E.G. EBR automatically generated from the snapshot and attached to the email assist task within a rule-generated CTA)
  • Preview quickly what the result will be (vs going into a C360 and printing out a new one each time)
  • clear formatting from boxes (found an issue of trying to set color to text where half the text was a token for company name but the other half was typed out, e.g. “{company name token} Business Review”), (another issue I had was some textboxes inheriting bullet points for some odd reason, but the text box in Ppt didn’t use bullet points and it took a while to recreate a text box that didn’t have bullet points)
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We don’t use this feature today, but would definitely look at it if GSlides were supported, since we do not use PPTX as a company.

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This would 100% influence our adoption of snapshots. We only use g.suite 

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@glen_weatherhead Thank you for the detailed feedback. Please give me some time to review them.

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@rahul_prayakarao bumping this to the top for more visibility! 

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We exclusively use Google Slides as well. The ability for Gainsight to sync with Google Slides and reflect any updates automatically would absolutely increase adoption of this feature. We never went forward with it due to this limitation. 

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Our team definitely would like this. We only use google slides and cannot utilize this feature even though our team is wanting to implement

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Thank you @ana_g and @andreammelde. We will have this feature soon.

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Hello Everyone,

With the November release, we have launched the capability to configure Success Snapshots directly in Google Slides.


Please note that we are doing a controlled release of this feature in phases.

If you are not able to see this new feature, but want to be part of phase 1 you can raise a support ticket and get this feature enabled.




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Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the v6.19 release (SFDC / NXT). Success Snapshots now allows admins to import Google Slides from their Google Account, and configure a Snapshot template. For example, if your organization uses Google Slides for all business reviews, this enhancement helps admins directly consume the Google Slides in Success Snapshots.

IMPORTANT: We will start rolling out this enhancement to customers from November 21, 2020, in phases. You may reach out to your CSM or raise a support ticket to enable this enhancement. 

This feature is implemented in both SFDC & NXT.

Thanks for posting!