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EU Based Email Partner

  • 2 December 2020
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Our Gainsight instance is based in the EU, however sendgrid is based in the US and we have some customers who do not allow us to send their data (email addresses, names) outside the EU, which means we can’t contact them via emails through JO :( 

This is going to become more common with our EU/EAA based customers too, so will become a bigger issue for us. 

Are there any plans to partner with a provider based here also (or have sendgrid use EU based servers for your EU using customers?)


2 replies

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@HollySimmons sorry, currently we don’t have this on our road-map. This is both a business and a technical decision that needs to be taken, we would need more customer interest on this. 

@All, please leave your vote to show your interest on this. Based on the number of customer interest we change the priority of the read-map. 


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@HollySimmons Thanks for sharing this here. Interesting use-case. Let me confirm with product team on this. I am interested too!