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Equal filtering Case Sensitive MDA

  • 27 August 2018
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When you use a MDA table in any part of Gainsight currently the 'equals' filter in case sensitive.  When we built this initially we meant to treat equals as true equals.  We would like to see this not be case sensitive as this can cause potential issues when using many parts of Gainsight.

5 replies

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Great idea! This is also problematic because filters related to SFDC objects are not case sensitive. I have a dashboard that has health data alongside other reports built from SFDC objects. When a user filters for their accounts, some of the reports filter correctly while others do not due to the case sensitivity. The initial thought is that some of the reports are broken. 

Ideally, all filters are not case sensitive. However, the inconsistency is also an issue since the user doesn't think case sensitivity is present since some of the reports work fine.
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This apparently impacts filtering on variants as well. It is not clear anywhere that = is case sensitive.

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I have also faced these issues many times. So whenever I am dealing with MDA Objects I will choose Contains/Starts with operator instead of Equal to.

Screenshot: with Equal To


Screenshot: with Contains/Starts with


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Thanks all for pointing this out. I will discuss more details on this with the team to see if we can solve this problem (without causing additional problems).

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Also having this issue for a dashboard filter, where I can’t pre-set it to be contains or starts-with without also putting a value in (and I want to leave as blank by default)

So users are putting in = red (instead of Red) and getting no results.