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  • 18 November 2020
  • 8 replies

Would be great to be able to expand the window size when we log a call. 



8 replies

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In the upper right of the Timeline draft, next to the X is a square looking icon to enlarge the entry window. Were you specifically asking about the notes field?

Hi John, 

Yes this is what I click on to enlarge the window, as you can see in my screen capture. Still the window to type notes is too small… :(

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This is good feedback. Do we have any plans to use the screen real estate more completely @nitisha_rathi ?

Hi @nitisha_rathi any update please? It is really annoying that even when enlarged the windows remain small ? Thanks

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@benji89 we have gathering all the feedback on new Timeline and actively working on them. Thanks!!

@sai_ram OK thanks, looking forward for some improvements there. 

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@benji89 this is fixed and available now. Thanks!!

Hi @sai_ram, thanks, this is much appreciated!