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[Enhancement] Abilty to force a Success Plan Name Schema when creating new success plans

  • 21 May 2020
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It would be helpful to provide functionality when a Success Plan is created you could format the name oin a semi-automate fashion...such as:

Success Plan Type “Get to Green” 

Date is 2020-05-20

The Success Plan Name could fill with:


Abatement May 20, 2020 


That the user could then add a suffix to.  Don’t forced this to all (PLEASE), but make it a possibility.

3 replies

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for sharing this. Are the success plans created manually? Is it possible to automatically create the success plan based on some conditions (eg. create a plan when usage of an account drops?)

Also, is the main reason for the nomenclature the need to report on it later on? 


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@jim_barker we need your inputs here.

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This request was 100% about manually creating Success Plans, we understand you can parameterize this in a rule...just looking for a way to do this with manual creation.