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Enhance Concat formula to allow other field types

  • 13 February 2018
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We populate some of our Timeline entries' fields into sections of the CS360 page so that users with Shared 360 access and those not wanting to dig through the weeds can easily see the most important updates. It would be helpful to pull the Activity Date into the front (or back) of those updates so that the users could know when the entry was posted.

Currently, the Concat formula in the Transformation task type only allows for String fields and I'm not seeing a way to convert a date or numeric field so that it would be able to be entered there.


7 replies

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Hi Nate,

Are you populating the latest update in C360 or is there any other criteria you are using to determine the important activities?
Hi Nitisha,

Currently we're just pulling the latest update but I'm planning on implementing a flagging system to call out the important ones (something simple like a checkbox or drop-down select). Then we would append the Activity Date to the comments.
I also need concat formula to allow Numeric type fields!

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This is not implemented?! Maybe only in NXT? I have this exact issue today in SFDC Edition.  Opening a new Idea on this one to vote up.  Huge hindrance that I cannot leverage Numeric or Date fields in Concat Transformations.

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+1 we are in NXT but we still don’t have the ability

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Yeah, this will be a feature that makes the life of a Gainsight Admin/Developer really easy. I believe this is something basic that the Concat feature must be enabled between all the field types. I should be able to concat a numeric field with a date field, or a string field with a date field. It will be easy when we send the data to any downstream applications.

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