Email to timeline user with multiple email addresses/acceptable domains

  • 27 February 2019
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Had this come over a few times in support. Basically the idea is to have a single user with multiple acceptable domains. Sometimes the logged in user has an email that isn't actually the address they send through all the time. This request is to be able to associate multiple email addresses to one user in order to have multiple acceptable domains. While they can add the user with another address it is not a good experience to have to manage both bcc addresses.

In another case I have seen, a customer email address was actually forwarding through another email address due to a company domain name change. Thus when they view their ETT inbound email address it is showing the incorrect bcc address.

I'll also add that the workaround of adding a separate user is not really feasible as they won't have access to the drafts if they are logging in through another user.

6 replies

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Might be good to allow a second Email address field.

We have on the contact 2 email fields:

- Email - the main one

- Secondary Email - for other emails.

It would be nice to have Email2Timeline feature work on the 2nd'ry email field too.

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Hi Alex,


Thanks for bringing this up! this is a valid use-case.

We add this to our road-map, will update you once we consider this for release. 


Keep posting!

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@einat_pick Sorry for the inconvenience. Currently we don't have this in our road map.

The only workaorund we have is to create one more contact with the Secondary email address.

Thanks for bringing this up!

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Our team is unable to implement Email to Timeline until the feature is updated to accept multiple email addresses. Our Corporate IT structure is complex, and security restrictions are interfering with Salesforce/ Gainsight workflows and cannot recognize the email address our emails are sent from Email to Timeline. Salesforce feature for My Email to Timeline allows to specify multiple acceptable email addresses. So, this highlights that the need comes up across businesses/ organizations- as it works in Salesforce. We would appreciate attention/ priority given to this issue, as we are not able to use this feature as currently designed.

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Hey @sai_ram_pulluri .

Just wanted to check in here as it has been a few months. Is there anything that can be shared in regards to this request?


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Wanted to bump this up. This came up again in support today. Any updates?