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  • 19 October 2020
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Linked to another issue with have open on email templates, we would like to have additional granularity on the templates that our end-users can see and use. 


Role 1: Can see all templates

Role 2: PS specific templates

Role 3: Renewal specific 


Our current challenge is that our users are getting confused with the number of templates which they can see from the Cockpit and we believe that this is one of the areas where we can better streamline the process. 

6 replies

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@cnichols hope this article will help you with more information. Please let us know if you need more help on this.

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@cnichols Would folder specific permissions help your use-case?

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Hi @sai_ram 

I don’t believe the permissions will help address our needs. 


@nitisha_rathi  - we specifically are looking for permissions to be set on 


  • Email Template 1 (User Group A can see and send these). 
  • Email Template 2 (User Group B can see and send these). 
  • Email Template 3 (User Group A, B, and C can see and send these). 

As we continue to scale Gainsight out within our organization we are finding different people in various roles starting to utilize the platform (Professional Services, Technical Account Managers, Customer Enablement, Customer Support, etc). Each of these groups have different needs for the templates so we don’t want them to see templates that don’t apply to them - this further makes their end-user experience poor and a UI nightmare. 




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@cnichols Would it be possible to keep these templates in different folders and give permissions accordingly? e.g.


User Group A has access to all email templates in folder1

User Group B has access to all email templates in folder2

User Group A, B and C have access to all email templates in folder3

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Hi @nitisha_rathi 


Folders could work without a problem here if we designed accordingly. 

In addition, we’d like to be able to expire the templates (set a date to auto turn off for those that we use for email assists for the CSM’s to email from cockpit (like event specific ones)). 





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@cnichols Got it. The expiration makes sense.