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Email Log and Email Raw Events Need a Unique ID

  • 25 March 2021
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It is very difficult to identify an unique record in the Email Log and Email Raw Events objects. They do not have the standard GSID, GS Created Date, GS Last Modified Date, or GS Creator User.


We are trying to export this data to our BI tool and want to upsert on a specific identifier field. With Email Logs, not having a last modified date makes it very difficult to use a date as qualifier so that we do not have to resend the full dataset. Additionally for reporting in GS, we cannot easily filter bc all the dates are split into their own columns


For Email Raw Events, each record is unique yet it does not have a GSID. So I have to try to combine many columns in a concatenation but that gets very messy.

1 reply

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@andreammelde sorry for the delay here. I will try to find a way to do this, mean while please refer to this Object Glossary for more information. Hope this helps!