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  • 1 November 2018
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Just read through this thread:

We're heavily using Email Assist for our 1:Many customers, and we're running into the opposite problem where we don't want to send the email through email assist if the customer has opted out. Maybe you could display something indicating that the customer has opted out, and ask if the email should still be sent? Or provide an unsubscribe option in email assist emails as well?

7 replies

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Hi Team,

One of my customer is also looking for this feature. Can you please provide an ETA for the same ?

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Hi team, could you please confirm if you have an ETA for release? At the moment we don’t have a way to notify CSMs if customers don’t want to receive a certain type of email via Email Assist.

Hi team, 

We encountered an event where we need to send out emails through email assist where these emails need to display the unsubscribe links. I’d love to have an ETA on this once it’s available! Thanks!

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Hello All,

Email assist emails are meant to be for 1:1 communications. May i know exact use cases why email assist is used instead fo JO programs?

@chethana In our case, it was for a retention email containing an offer and so to abide by all of the email laws, we just wanted that opt-out option within the email. Our retention team were going to send those out 1:1 but we did end up using a JO program instead. Thanks

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Hello @sabrina

Thanks. for your inputs. 

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Hello @heather_hansen 

As mentioned in my above post, email assist is used to send out 1:1 communications, the unsubscribe option mentioned above is only applicable for automated emails. if user has unsubscribed form receiving automated emails like marketing emails, do you want to stop sending them even 1:1 communications like renewal reminder , scheduling EBR?