Email assist to more than 10 contacts

  • 22 February 2018
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Currently there is an imposed limit of 10 recipients in an email assist. I am told I need to create a copilot outreach however this would mean creating 2 processes for the same lifecycle CTA. In our Lifecycle CTA for QBRs/EBRs we have a task to send a follow up email to the attendees with a summary and actions from the meeting. This works fine for most customers, but for some, there are more than 10 attendees from both the customer and ourselves and we need to add CC to some internal contacts. The limit of 10 is making this impossible and it doesn't look good if we need to send an email twice, also because we have to then create a second CTA which means more work. Are there plans to change this limit or at least have it as a setting that customers can adjust? 

7 replies

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Hi Angela,

What is the maximum number of contacts for an account to which you would want to send the emails?

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Hi Nitisha, It's hard to say what the maximum would be. Looking at our account base, round 20 could cover 90% of our accounts.

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@Angela, Thanks for posting, We will consider this request based on more number of customers interest .
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Hi All, Thanks for bringing this up!

Since the functionality is working as expected,pushing this to an Idea post and redirecting this to our Product team.
Hi, I agree with the above comment. It makes it very challenging for us when you have to send information after a QBR/EBR and have several attendees to the meeting. I usually cc some of them when I cannot put them in the "to" list but I do not think it is a good workaround. Thanks!

I am also having a hard time with this limit when trying to send out meeting agendas/notes.  I have clients, vendors and consultants on calls so I often go over the 10 email limit.  If this can increase to 20 that would be much better.

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Hello everyone,
we will support more than 10 contacts very soon, W e are working on this actively now.