Email Assist Recipient Selection

  • 5 April 2021
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Rather than having to remember the names of individuals to send to in an email assist, it would be nice to have a look-up/check boxes when clicking the To field . A select all option would also be nice.

4 replies

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@jochle are you taking about the below screen? If so that is a search box, you can search for contacts.

Sorry if I understood wrong.  


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Hi @sai_ram,

Yes, if that is an email assist screenshot. An account could have a long list of contacts. While I can search for Frank, for example, it doesn’t just show me the whole contact list and allow a CSM to select from it. It would also be helpful to just have an “all contacts” option. So the CSM wouldn’t have to go back and forth between the contact list and the email assist to remember each contact to include.

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Hello @jochle 
Today when you launch email assist in cockpit we list contact only form that particular company/relationship.

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@chethana To be accurate you don’t list any contacts (which is what my CSMs have asked for). However, there is a field that is searchable - which is helpful if you can remember all of the names you’re sending to.