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I was creating my first email in CoPilot (yay!) but I was running into some formatting issues. I wanted to jump into the HTML and add a few line break codes to fix the issues. However as far as I can tell the only way to access HTML is if I paste in the code for the entire email. Then, once that's pasted in, I don't have access to edit the HTML. If I want to make some changes after seeing the text I have to paste it in again as the whole text. Is this accurate/expected functionality or should I be able to edit the HTML of text created with the WYSIWYG editor?

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Hi Annika Pettitt
This is expected functionality, we cannot edit back the pasted HTML code.This could be one of the requirements of copilot.
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Thanks for your feedback. You have cleared the doubt that I had whether a gainsight user would want to edit the HTML directly. 
This is part of our roadmap will keep you posted on when this might be released into production
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Fantastic! I'm really happy to hear this and excited to see CoPilot keep getting better and better.
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This would be a huge asset to Red Hat as well.  It is a pain having to edit the HTML locally and re-paste anytime a change is needed.
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You will have the ability to edit HTML of email template in January release. 
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I am embedding a survey link into an HTML Template. The survey will be "Salesforce Aware" created from Getfeedback. You may be asking why are you using Getfeedback, if you can use Gainsight. Well, at this point the field mapping between Getfeedback and Salesforce is just so simple/intuitive, it's the better route for me at this point. In getfeedback to make a survey "Salesforce Aware," you need to add merge fields to the end of the survey link, for example, {!Contact.ID}, which will pick up the IDs from the recipients sent. I have been testing this in Gainsight and it's just not working. I have a support ticket open, but I am wondering if anyone has answers/suggestions?