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Edit the "From" email in an Email Task?

  • 1 December 2016
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It is my understanding that when we have an email task in a playbook, the email is sent using the email address of the logged in user that sends the email.

That being said, is there any plan for us to have the ability to edit the "From" email in an email task?

The idea here is that a user may want to send off the email but may not necessarily want it to look like it is coming from their address that is tied to Salesforce.

3 replies

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Thanks for the input.  We don't currently have this direction in plan.  We can definitely look at it but one reason we have designed it this way is because we were worried about giving a regular user the power to send emails as somebody else.  Would you have any concerns about a CSM sending out an email with an inappropriate From email address?
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I like Tom's idea, because it would lend flexibility to this feature, but you bring up an important consideration, Karl. Might be asking too much but ideal scenario would be permissions around that. Some customers would have no problem allowing their CSMs to use their good judgement, while others might balk at using Email Assist if the CSMs can send a message with a different From address.
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I think it's a bad idea to give CSM the ability to send an email as someone else.  Very dangerous.

Email Assist should be restricted to coming from CSM (or logged in user) communications.  If an email needs to be sent from a generic account, for example, this is an opportunity for the marketing team to create a standard template/outreach that can be triggered by the closure status of a task in a CTA.  That would give CSM control over whether or not the email gets triggered.