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Dynamically Assign Weightage to Scorecard Individual Measures

  • 23 February 2021
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In our Scorecard we have multiple measures in the Consumption Measure Group. We want to assign dynamic weightage to Individual measures based on the Product ARR. Say for example 

We have 4 Individual Measure : Product A, Product B, Product C, Product D

As of today each has 25% weightage and contribute to overall Consumption measure Group.

We want to assign this weightage dynamically for each customer based on Product ARR. Say customer has total ARR of 800K distributed as below :
Product A - 400K
Product B - 200K,
Product C - 200K,
Product D - 0K

we want the Weightage of the Individual measure in the consumption Measure Group to be like : 
Product A - 50%
Product B - 25%
Product C - 25%
Product D - NA

1 reply

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@Nalin Thanks for sharing your use-case. We have planned a lot of enhancements on scorecard, let me check if we are solving this.