Duplicating existing timeline entries as new records

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At the moment, many of our users are finding timeline as a time suck due to the manual nature in submitting new entries for every activity. Often times, users find themselves creating the same entries (such as meetings or key updates) with different dates. An idea to help speed up the entry process would be to be able to duplicate an existing entry and once the duplicate is saved have it appear as a new record.


This would eliminate some of the copying and pasting for ultimately the same entries and allow users to skip adding internal and external attendees, specifically those members who are always on that particular kind of entry. Thank you for your consideration and support. 

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@jmuhiu thank you for sharing this request here, I have redirected this to our product team.

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You might find this enhancement helpful: 

I heard that it is coming. Not sure if there is a new update. Do you know @dan_ahrens?

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Tentative goal is to do timeline templates by the end of this year, but with agile processes, it’s always possible that something could pre-empt that plan. 

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Thank you @dan_ahrens!

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@jmuhiu Ability to clone an activity can also help your use case. Cloning an activity is something on our long-term roadmap.

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I would love this ability for my CSM team.

There is a large amount of time required for our CSMs to enter activities that may be the same or similar across many customers. Giving them the ability to duplicate/clone an activity and associate it with another Enterprise/Company would cut down the amount of administrative time they need.