Due date of CTAs based on SFDC event/task Due date

  • 12 June 2015
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Our CSM team book's their QBR meetings in SFDC as Events. I then have created a rule which loads these QBRs as a Milestone as well as a CTA.

When loading to Milestone, you can choose either "constant" (i.e. rule date +/- x days) or "show field" which allows me to select the SFDC event date field "due date".

But when you create a CTA you can only choose "rule date + x days" - I would like to have the flexibility to choose either "rule date + x days" or "show field" where I can then select a SFDC event date.

3 replies

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Hey Gabriel,

Can you explain the scenario a bit more? The assumption we had was, when you want to create a CTA based on when a condition is met for a customer the due date would be dynamic, that is from the date when you identified a CTA(Call To Action) + some days. It is interesting to know that you are able to predict/derive the due date from a field. Any insight will be helpful on the usecase.

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Your assumption for CTAs is correct when you think of Risks and Opportunities, but not Events.

My scenario is as follows:

1. CSM has a QBR (we call it a CSM Meeting) with customer on a certain date. One of the outcomes of this meeting is to book the following CSM meeting (usually every 2-3 months).
2. The CSM enters this next CSM Meeting in SFDC using the Task/Event object.

Today, I load these Tasks/Events in Gainsight as a Milestone where the due date is the Milestone date. This gives a good overview of upcoming meetings in the My Customers view as well as logs the meeting in the Usage view (where we can then analyse usage behaviour trends).

What I would also like to do is to create a rule where I can use these Tasks/Events as the trigger for creating a CTA, and where the CTA due date would be the same as the Task/Event. The benefit of doing this is that a) the CTA will sit in the Cockpit view and b) that I can assign a playbook connected to this event (see idea for limitations: )

I could easily create a report in Salesforce to get access to the data I'm talking about, but this report would not be used interactively by CSMs the way the Cockpit would allow.

Furthermore, this is in line with what Gainsight suggest when setting up the rule "
Rule #1: Quarterly Business Review" found here ( ). The problem with your current assumption is that you assume the QBR will always take place at specific intervals (i.e. week 12 of the lifecycle) when in fact the QBR may be scheduled when both the customer and the CSM have time / agree to meet (as described in pt 1 above).

Does this clarify things?

From a development point of view, seeing as you already have this setup with Milesones, I wouldn't see this as such a huge effort for Gainsight?
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I second Gabriel's interest. My team has asked for the ability to schedule a CTA by a due date rather than exclusively on a start date.

Similar to Gabriel's use case, my Gainsight user may know they need to touch base with a customer no later than Sept 15, perhaps to invite them to a networking event or to get a contract signed. The team then wishes to "work backwards" from that end goal date to properly assemble and execute each task within my plan.

Gainsight's current assumption is that I'll always know my start date, or that I must "hold" my CTA until the right date to meet my end target.