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Data designer needs ability to summarize by timeslice before transformation

  • 13 January 2021
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I have a table of application outages/degradations in seconds by begin date. I want to use data designer to calculate an uptime or availability time by month for the various applications, but I can’t because data designer does not allow me to summarize a date field by timeslice (e.g. one month) before I do a transformation where I take sum of all outages in month and subtract that number from total seconds in a month, and then divide by total seconds in a month to get an uptime percentage. 

4 replies

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@jlicciardello sorry for the inconvenience. I will work on this to see if we have any workaround to achieve this. Thanks for letting us know this.

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Hi @jlicciardello 

You can get your desired output (summarize by date) in Data Desinger via a formula in the transform step and then grouping the data by this field. Let me know if this doesnt work or if you face any challenges here!


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Thank you @rakesh . This worked. 


Now I wish I could show months without data as 100%. 



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I thought I might be able to solve this by creating a simple custom object of the month start dates and the number 1, then merging this and subtracting outage percent from it but if the number is null it doesn’t treat it as 0: 



Any ideas?