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  • 21 August 2020
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it would be great if there would be a way to drill down from a Dashboard report to another Dashboard that will have more detailed reports on that topic. I know that you can also select another dashboard via the drop-down, but in case there are many dashboards it will be more efficient and quicker to click on one measurement directly to a related dashboard with various more granular reports.

Example: Renewals due this quarter in an overview high level dashboard. Having a link in the widget that will open a Renewal Dashboard with the view on the data in more details and from various aspects (product, time, health score ...) .


2 replies

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Hi @swen 

Thanks for posting this. Tiering of information in dashboards is something that aligns to our thought process as well. 

How would you imagine uses would navigate once we have this? Currently, when you click on a chart, we show the data that makes up for this chart. For some charts, taking them to another dashboard and for some, showing the data doesn't seem like a consistent experience. 

I am thinking of providing this navigation in the report name - does that makes sense to you? We are trialing this in Reporting Revamp to see how it goes


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Here is an illustration I am referring to: