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Custom field multiple currency types

  • 17 December 2018
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Working with a few customers we have discovered that custom fields can only be associated to one currency type.

The best example of this is a customer that has multi currency enabled in their org and they need the field to show 4 different currencies:

1. USD - Dollar
2. EUR - Euro
3. GBP - British pound
4. JPY - Japanese yen

currently you can only have one for a field in Gainsight, but we would like the ability for a field on any object to look back at the account and see what the currency type is and display converted.

The only way to do this would be to create a custom field for the specific currency and have it use a formula to calculate.

1 reply

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Hi Cameron,

Happy to anounce that Support for Japanese Yen Currency is available now, with Jan release, Gainsight now supports storing currency values in the Japanese Yen format. The currency code is JPY. You can now create custom fields of data type Currency with the Japanese Yen (JPY) currency code and perform various business transactions in Yen currency.

Please refer this article for more information.

Thanks for posting, keep posting.