CTA Flag Types

  • 11 January 2017
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It would be great to have two types of CTA flags to use:
  • One that can be used with rules and can show up in reports
  • One that is simply for use by the CSMs to indicate their top priority CTAs and prioritize their work
Right now, if a CSM flags a CTA it will show up on reports that include that criteria and also may impact Scorecards measures, if a rule is set up to do so.

7 replies

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+1 - Love this idea and it would be even cooler if the "CSM flag" had 3 options for high, medium and low priority. Or maybe change the priority of the CTA itself? I'm curious as to what others think the best approach here is.
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Definitely interested in learning how flagging is used alongside priorities -- both are visible next to each other. One potential output of this is having variants of the flag (like color changing stars and other icons used in Gmail) and completely removing the priority box. Will free up some much needed space on the left, too.
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I'll be interested to hear what others think. They way we use the Priority designator is not super meaningful for me when displayed next to the flag box, but that may be because is is a hold-over from an antiquated internal process. I really like the idea of having variants of the flag, but we want to be able to have the CSM (or other type of end-user) make this designation for their own reference as a workflow management and prioritization tool. So, having a "CSM" flag" with a few types of options, as you and Dan both suggest, would be ideal. I'll circulate this internally to see if perhaps we need to revisit the Priority options, but those may be used as indicators for other purposes.
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Hi Tracy - are you saying you would like the option to flag CTAs straight from the Rules Engine in the Call to Action setup? Because I would definitely like to see that. Just want to make sure I'm understanding correctly what your use case is. Thanks!
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No, that wasn't what I meant, Spencer, but that is actually a great idea!
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Hi All,

Just a other thought, If the Use-Case is to flag a CTA created from rules,

We could create a Boolean field in CTA and add that to layout, and when creating CTA via rules we can populate that custom field as true or false and report on that.

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So, my original suggestion here was geared toward allowing the individual user to somehow flag or mark a CTA as important or high priority, just as we can do with email. That way, when they log into Cockpit they could filter or sort by the CTAs that they know are highest priority for them to work on (by their own determination).

Right now, because of the use of rules, if I flag a CTA it may impact other processes. It would be great to have some little usability enhancements like this that help users manage their workflow, with no input or impact on rules. Maybe a way to "star" them, so it mimics gmail which is familiar?