CTA Due Dates in Rules Engine - Can we map it to a variable?

  • 5 November 2018
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Today in the "Call To Action" action within Rules Engine, it looks like the Due Dates can only be set relative to "Run Date + n Days".

Are there plans in the future to allow CTA Due Dates to be mapped to a variable rather than the Run Date?



7 replies

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Hi Isaac,

Thanks for posting.

I like the idea, could you please let us know the exact use-case, so that we would check for any workaround.



Hi !

I have a use case for this as well. Was a work around determined? I would like to populate due dates for success plans based on the renewal date of the customer.

Thank you.

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Hi Hillary,

Can you share the use case you have? As of now the only option available in rule run date + X days. If you can share some details about your use case, wil check if there is any way to achieve it

Hi @aditya_marla. My use case is that I need to populate multiple success plans for renewals that are upcoming this year and I need the due dates to correspond with the renewal date - not the run date.

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Hi Hillary,

Thanks for sharing more deatails. Do you want to create the SP's for all renewals in the year at once? Or is there any time create a SP X months before renewal.

Would this work for you: Write a rule that runs daily to pull in all customers which have renwal date = next 30 days...for them create a SP with due date = Rule run date + 30 days.

Since the rule runs daily, it will keep creating SPs for upcoming renewals (it is not super efficient, but it should get the job done)

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I think this should be converted to an idea post. I’m running into the same need of having renewal date of an account be the dynamic due date of a CTA.

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Thank you @sarah.kiani. It’s a valid use case. We will evaluate if we can enhance CTA 2.0 action to accomodate this.