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CS : Create IAM roles in S3 Environment

  • 4 March 2021
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Hi Team, 

Lot of data analyst who are working with our clients are looking to setup IAM roles. 

They are working on a data integration pipeline from Snowflake to the Gainsight S3 bucket. Snowflake has native functionality to connect to S3, but their best practice is to create an IAM role and use those credentials to connect to S3 instead of using the Secret Key and Access Key credentials.

Is it possible to add in our near term roadmap? 



3 replies

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@hardik_mota Thanks for sharing this use-case here. This is a new thing to me, I too want to know more about this setup. I will check with the product team and get back to you. 

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Hi @hardik_mota Snowflake Connector is getting released in May. Any chance we can use that instead?

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Here is the updated Snowflake connector article for your reference:

FYI @sai_ram@preethm