Creating timeline activity via rules?

  • 8 September 2017
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One more interesting use case in timeline, most of the customers are interested in creating time line activity via rules.

54 replies

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Ability to create a timeline entry when a CTA is manually created or closed

We would like our Aircall data to be able to be pumped in via S3 to the timeline. They are just calls that log automatically, compared to the manual call logging required in Gainsight. Today our team receive calls by Aircall, input tags and notes into Aircall while on the call, then go to Gainsight and log the exact same information. Can we prevent them from needing to do this twice?

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We don’t have an immediate plan to support this as the team is occupied with other high priority items. I’ll look into the possibilities and will keep you posted.

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I was just trying to update meeting types for entries where we combined a deprecated type into an existing active type and couldn’t do it because there’s no option to write to Activity Timeline. Also can’t update the entries manually because I didn’t create them.