Creating timeline activity via rules?

  • 8 September 2017
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Are there any updates on this? Will we be able to use Rules to Load SFDC activity onto the Timeline?
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Another use case is for transitioning accounts between CSMs. It'd be nice to be able to mass update the CSM field in SFDC / Gainsight and the mark that activity on the Timeline as an update. 
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Few use-case which I know are -

1. They want to bring in meetings/ touches cross-functional teams had with the customer in timeline. So that CSMs don't have to refer two systems to go through all customer touches and everything about the customer is available in Gainsight timeline. 

2. They want to add milestones like lifecycle stage change in timeline. This overlaps with 'Load to Milestone' but eventually the plan is to make milestone an activity type.

3. Bring in historic notes from salesforce, evernote, onenote, etc. in timeline.
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Out of curiosity, what kinds of events would people want to create via rules? Part of the appeal of Timeline is that it is human generated activities of high value and provide a better "signal to noise" ratio from SFDC activity history. I don't think we want Timeline to become a place where there are many automated processes creating entries as it could get very cluttered that way.

Just my 2 cents.