Creating milestones automatically

  • 31 March 2015
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First off, kudos for adding the ability to add milestones automatically!

We love using it, and have added a number of milestones automatically so far. Here's a few examples:
  • Orig contract
  • Go Live
  • Transition to support
  • Reference call made
However, there are a few enhancements we already have in the other type of actions, but would like to see those added to the milestones as well. There are also a few other enhancements that don't exist at all yet.

Here's the short wish list for your consideration:

1) Date range - I'd love to be able to add the milestone when a certain date field is populated. At this point, the source object related fields are still updated manually, and therefore sometimes it takes a few days before we know that the customer had been live for the past 7 days. A possible solution would be to create a criteria where go live date is equal or less than 7 days from rule date, however... sometimes it's more than 7 days, and it would be great if we could just say - is not null and less than rule date.

2) Post update comments - We already are able to add comments to the milestone. However, when we have the rule run twice (or apply a date range as described in #1), the comments appear twice. Bottom line, it would be great if we could indicate that we only want the comments to update "Once".

3) Post to chatter - Not every milestone calls for an action. However, sometimes, it makes sense to notify the milestone on chatter. It would be great if this capability would be turned on for milestones, as it is currently available only for CTA.

4) Date comparison - another useful situation is to simply compare one date to another. For example, I may want the "Go Live" date to create a milestone only when it is greater than another date field in the account object.

4 replies

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It would also be helpful to have Gainsight rule be able to check if the milestone already exists - so for instances where a milestone will only happen once, Gainsight could also control based on the date ideas that are shared above that the milestone is only created once (and then the comment approach would be to serve other use cases)
I've used milestones in the past. Do your team members actually look at them? Just curious if it's worth the time investment.
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We use them quite a bit to track onboarding and lifecycle stage change milestones and how many days to customer reach X milestone.  We have a number of other customers that like to use them aligned to a customer's usage.
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Thanks for the feedback!

#1 is part of the roadmap.

#2 Since the milestone is loosely coupled without an identifier, which is pointed out by Denise's comment. This stops us from giving the capability to identify and post only once.

#3 is added to the roadmap, but timing is TBD

#4 This should be possible in the Add criteria section in Setup action screen, as seen in the following image. Only catch is that both should be date field or date time field. You can't compare date with date-time yet.