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  • 24 February 2016
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The Email Template section in CoPilot is very hard to navigate through when we have 40+ templates.  Adding an organization structure would be incredibly helpful here. Looking at the structure of the vault templates, something similar and customizable would be very helpful.  

14 replies

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Thanks Ryan for the suggestion. A folder structure or tagging would help here.
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I agree with Ryan. We also have many templates and folders would be very helpful. Sundar, could you please explain what you mean by tagging? I'm not sure I'm familiar with how to tag email templates. 

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Tags would just work the way the Gmail tags work... You can add multiple tags like Survey, NPS, High-touch and you would be able to filter on any of the tag and you would get the results. With folders you can't have a template in multiple places.
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Within Copilot.

It would be useful if there were "folders" or some other organization structure for email templates. As a CSM, it would be great to filter by different categories such as general outreach templates, email, training templates, surveys etc. 

As templates are added it is unwieldily to scroll down the page and look at all the template cards. 
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This would be incredible!!!
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Any update on this?  

Our Co-Pilot powerlists are becoming terribly cumbersome to manage (as we are @120 and growing).

Folders are preferred...Tags would be ok, as long as there is an available view that will display the Tags as Folders.  
Hello and Excellent Suggestion!

I have a high priority use case for this functionality. Also, as I begin to build out our Library of templates, which theoretically is where we're headed with this...we need this in place before we begin to drive efficient scalability.

Thus, it appears there is enough momentum on this request and I'm just curious as to the status on this? Next, if we think a few "moves out" it may be helpful to begin framing possible add-on features that may be of interest downstream:

[i]Short-Term: Have this within the Email Templates of Copilot
[i]Near-Term: Ability to move template tiles and sort against some relevant definition / criteria[i]
: Ability to save / traverse / upload the "customized" templates into the local Vault Tab
[i]Long-Term: Predictive "pre-fetching" to suggest possible assets based upon next steps N+1

Additionally, it would be helpful to understand any specific release dependencies required for this functionality. Along those lines I'd like to understand the specific point releases whereby upgrades would need to be aligned. Lastly and if possible I'd like to add our company to a list of early adopters...for at a minimum the [i]Short-Term capabilities outlined above.

Thank you in advance for support on this very important requirement and take care.
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Hi MK, apologies for the delay in responding. Agree with your thinking here on folders and internal Vault. In Near term we are looking to build out folder. The highest priority we have seen is for reports, followed by Copilot (emails and powerlists) and Rules. This is currently a stretch goal for Q4.  
This would be very beneficial to us as well. 
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Hi! Is there an update on this? 

Similar to Rule Chains, we have several emails in certain campaigns. It would be great to see them grouped together so we can easily update them.
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This idea would be great for my organization.  Folders are preferred, but the ability to search via tags would also be beneficial.
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two updates

1) Copilot

Today in copilot users admins are having to create more emails / outreaches that what is ideal based on different language, slight variants in email template and follow up. We plan to streamline this. More specifically, we are planning to (a) Make it easy to create multiple variants within a single email template and (b) add the concept of multi-step outreaches where you can link together multiple emails that logically solve the same use case or campaign. This should dramatically reduce number of emails / outreach (e.g. 1 customer send an survey email + reminder in 9 languages, resulting in 18 outreaches. with (a) it will reduce to 2 and with (a+b) will reduce to 1. 

(a) - multiple variants is planned for Q1, and b - multi step outreaches, shortly after (we are starting work soon but it is a longer more complex project)

Does this plan resonate? Post this, we will look to get your feedback on whether folders/tags are still important

2) Folders - We do plan to implement folders in reports for Q1. Engineering is reviewing specs right now to determine feasibility / timing. 
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Is there an updated timeline on this? 
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Hello All,

Folders in Emails templates has been released.