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Control Access to Edit Icon in Relationships Section

  • 28 December 2017
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Hey Team!

We've recently had a few customers ask about the ability remove access to the "Edit" icon in the "Action" column of the Relationship Tab in C360. 

Right now when we view relationships on the C360 page without access to edit these, the edit icon still shows as "not greyed-out" unlike the "Delete" icon when users lack those permissions.

Compared to the delete icon, which will appear greyed-out when permissions are lacking:

We would like to see the edit icon have similar messaging if possible. Alternatively, a way to limit users access to this "Action" tab (which is standard in Gainsight). 

Thanks for the assistance!
Logan Thome

3 replies

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Hi Logan, Sorry for the inconvenience. There are few technical limitations to achieve this.We are trying to achieve this via Gainsight Sharing Settings, we don't have ETA on this as of now. 
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Few other users also having the problem and we can see a similar post in the below link.


Is this considered or in the roadmap.


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Hey @logan_t, Thanks for sharing the idea here. We are indeed planning to control these actions(Create, Delete and Update of Relationships) via data permissions to avoid unwanted actions on Relationships. Will share more details here once we pick this up.