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Config Snapshot (Rules Summary)

  • 7 February 2017
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Currently in config snapshot feature, all rules are listed out with all the metadata information like name,type.source,filter etc

Can we have a summarised version of the rules like total no of rules,
rules count  based on action type i.e. load to MDA action, load to usage 
rule count based on active/inactive. Scheduled/not scheduled
rule count based on which has only show section but no action part

1 reply

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There are two part here which should be clearly demarcate
  1. Usage data like how many CTA's are created, how many rules by active / inactive or by action etc..
  2. Configuration setup like Oauth Config, usage config, week definition, CTA linked object, Associated contact is enabled or not etc.
#1 should be part of the usage data captured in GonG. 
#2 should be captured in Config Snapshot.

You can refer these dashboards for the reports that can give you the usage related data you are looking for 
[PRD-WeRu] RE - Usage - Agg - Daily
[PRD-WeRu] RE - Usage - Tenant level
[PRD-WeRu] Rules usage trend & top users

If you are not able to get what you are looking for pls let Venkatesh Sirpurkar in PM team know or the respective product manager.