Cockpit Pick List for Status

  • 7 April 2016
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Really would be great if we could use have a filter just like type and priority on the cockpit view to filter on Status of CTA... I some time have hundreds of CTAs to be looked at and awaiting updates from other people and the status helps me know which ones i have worked or not worked... today i have to manually open each CTA to see what the status is. 

7 replies

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Could you group by Status to accomplish this?

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the due date grouping is also needed to determine order to be worked... so it still cumbersome to do and i truly only want to see status l like it does for type and priority... 
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Hi Kiersti,

In Cockpit I have the ability to group it by the status, but then sort it further by the due date. See screenshot below, would this resolve your use case?

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i currently due something like this but at times i have hundreds of CTA's to scroll through so would still like to be able to "Show" by status like we have for closed, important CTAs, snoozed CTAs, type, and priority, 
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If you look at the left side of the screenshot you can select types, priorities and also there are three buttons next to "Show" and they outline closed, important and snoozed CTAs.
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i do understand this part.  I am requesting that we add "Status" as one of these options for Show ... and even "reason" would be a good one too 🙂
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OH! My apologies Kiersti I misunderstood your comment. I am going to convert this over to an idea so that we can work on getting those added.